KAFU explores partnership and collaboration with Iranian universities

Iranian partnership

On March 30th, the acting Vice Chancellor of Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU), Prof. Ogodo M.J. Nandi, and the acting Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Julius Kipkemboi, visited the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Kenya, Jafar Barmaki to explore potential collaboration and partnership opportunities.

During the visit, the delegation discussed the possibility of research partnerships and student exchange programs with Iranian universities. This would provide KAFU students with the opportunity to study and conduct research in Iran, and vice versa. In addition, they explored the possibility of funding for research and development at KAFU.

KAFU's niche is in Health Sciences, and the University hopes to benefit from Iran's reputation as a powerhouse in this area. By leveraging Iran's expertise, KAFU can enhance its curriculum and research, preparing its graduates for a global workforce. Furthermore, KAFU's masterplan envisions a School of Engineering, and Iran's advanced knowledge in this field presents a valuable opportunity for collaboration and partnerships.

After productive discussions, the ambassador expressed his interest in visiting KAFU at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

At KAFU, we are always seeking opportunities to improve the quality of education and research offered to our students. This visit highlights our commitment to our vision as a center of excellence in teaching, innovation, and holistic development. We look forward to future collaborations with Iranian universities and to the positive impact they will have on our institution and its students.

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