Directorate of Research Innovation & Outreach


Prof.Benson Ojwang',PhD
Director, Research, Innovation and Outreach
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Research is one of the core functions of Kaimosi Friends University. This is embodied in the mission of the University in which it pledges to be a ‘’University of excellence providing quality education and training, research and innovation to meet the needs of a dynamic society’’. The Directorate of Research, Innovation and Outreach supports activities in diverse disciplines and focuses on contributing to the attainment of national and global development agenda as espoused in Kenya’s Vision 2030 and the Sustainable Development Goals respectively. The University facilitates the academic staff and students to undertake research, innovation and community engagement to seek practical and widely replicable solutions to social, educational, economic, environmental and technological challenges. We also conduct regular capacity building and promote collaborative research teams within and beyond the University.

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