Directorate of Information Communication Technology

At the Directorate of ICT Services, we believe technology is not just a tool, but a transformative force in education. Our mission is to empower our faculty, staff, and students with the resources and skills they need to thrive in a digital age.

Here are just a few of the ways we are achieving this:

  • Building a seamless digital campus: We are constantly upgrading our infrastructure to ensure reliable and high-speed internet access for everyone on campus. Whether you are in a classroom, library, or residence hall, you can stay connected and productive.
  • Supporting academic excellence: We offer a wide range of software and tools to enhance teaching and learning. From online learning platforms to collaborative applications, we are creating immersive and interactive educational experiences.
  • Empowering students: We provide comprehensive training and support to help students develop their digital literacy skills. From basic computer use to advanced research tools, we equip them with the knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen fields.
  • Fostering innovation: We are committed to exploring and implementing new technologies that can revolutionize the learning process. From virtual reality experiences to artificial intelligence applications, we are constantly pushing boundaries and exploring the potential of technology in education.

Behind the scenes, our dedicated teams work tirelessly to make this vision a reality:

  • The System Administration Unit: These tech wizards ensure our network hums seamlessly, keeping your connection strong and data flowing freely.
  • The End-User Support Unit: Friendly voices and problem-solvers, they're always ready to answer your tech questions and guide you through any digital dilemmas.
  • The ICT End-User Training Unit: From basic skills to advanced applications, they equip you with the knowledge to conquer the digital world.
  • The ICT Operations and Maintenance Unit: These meticulous guardians keep our systems running smoothly, ensuring every click leads you where it should.
  • The ICT Planning and Development Unit: Future-focused visionaries, they research and implement cutting-edge solutions, shaping the ever-evolving digital landscape of our university.
  • The Information System Support Unit: Data whisperers and content architects, they manage our internal systems and build the digital backbone of our operations.
  • The Website Design and Maintenance Unit: The face of our online presence, they craft and curate the university website, keeping you informed and connected.

We understand that technology is ever-evolving, and we are constantly adapting to meet the changing needs of our community. We are committed to open communication and collaboration, and we welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Don't hesitate to reach out to us at if you have any questions or need assistance. We are here to support you on your journey in the digital world of Kaimosi Friends University!


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  • ICT Data backup and Restoration of Systems
  • ICT Change of Request Management
  • University Website Maintenance and Content Management


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