Student Services

Student Services

Student Welfare Services

The Dean of Students office works closely with the security department to ensure continuous safety to all students. This has made the University environment a secure and perfect place for students to study. Patrols are done both during the day and night to contain any unwarranted situations. The  university also provides high quality medical services. The Dean of Students Office encourages students to comply with the general Law of Health and comply with health requirements as is stipulated by the University Management.

The Dean of Students office has an established Counseling Office that provides services aimed at improving the well-being of students. Students with individual problems or concerns are advised to avail themselves of these services. All matters presented on a personal level to the Guidance and Counseling Office are treated in strict confidence.

Most of our students are needy. We strive to identify donors and well-wishers whom we can partner with to offer these students financial support that can enable them pursue and complete their education on time. We also liaise with various government agencies to offer loans and grants to such students who meet the requirements to benefit from such financial aids. The Dean of Students Office encourages such students to apply for work study programme to earn something to supplement their upkeep.

With the establishment of Chaplaincy, the Dean of Students Office encourages students to acquire spiritual knowledge, and respect each other’s denomination

 Student Association

 The Students’ Association is the organisation that represents you, supports you, offers co-curricular activities for you to explore your interests and talents, and works hard to make your time in KAFU as good as it can be. We’re a membership organisation commited to making your student experience amazing.

Join in and make a difference today!

 Student Accomodation

The catering department continues to offer variety meals at subsidized rates. With renovations of the catering department almost completed, this department is readying itself for the increased number of students and other staff who create increasing demand for its products. Catering services are offered to students in a prescribed procedure regarding the Pay As You Eat (PAYE) system of service in the dining hall.

 Games & Sports

The Games and Sports Department was started in September 2014 when KAFU got established.

This department is under the Students Affairs section with an aim of providing for students an alternative avenue of expending there extra energy through games and sports activities.

The department offers a wide range of activities for competition and recreation purposes. The activities are undertaken on intra and extra mural basis. The staffs also have a chance to interact with students through games and sports for the purpose of developing good harmony amongst the University Community.

Catering Department

Our goal to provide you an exceptional catering experience with delicious, fresh foods, creative menus, and friendly, professional service.


  • To provide the customer with the finest catering Services. We are in existence to attract and maintain customers and hence our services will exceed their expectations.


  • To be a unit of excellence in provision of catering services.


  • Provide quality meals to students, staff and all guests patronizing the university and beyond
  • To create a service based unit whose primary goal is to exceed the customers’ expectations
  • To increase the number of clients served by 5 % per quarter through excellent service
  • To develop a sustainable start up unit
  • To develop enough cash flow to run the catering unit and also grow the business

Career Services

he Office of Career Services (OCS) was established by government under the Ministry of Education Science and Technology (MOEST), in the State Department of Post-Training and Skills Development, to address the gap that exists in education, training and employment.

The life of a student has an important yet dynamic component that needs to be harnessed into a meaning career life.

This includes building the capacity of students for entry into the labour market, both locally and internationally. In a nut shell, the office provides the immediate assistance that the students in KAFU need to maximize on their capacity to establish a successful career.

Health Services

The KAFU Health Centre started in September, 2014 as an outpatient clinic for students, staff and their dependents’. The medical Centre was registered under the Medical Practitioners and Dentist Act (Cap.253) by theMedical Practitioners and Dentist board as a medical institution in accordance with rule 4(3) of the medical practitioners and Dentist (Medical institution) rules on 18th December, 2018. Registration number 016065.

Its mandate is to provide curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative health care services and advise on health matters generally to the university community.

Dental, optical and other specialized out - patient care services are offered to a member of staff or dependent upon referral by a clinician to the university appointed specialist.

In-patient care services are offered to university Staff and their dependent(s) upon admission in any NHIF accredited hospital in Kenya. It’s important to note that, university Staff and their legal dependents’ are insured with NHIF in-patient comprehensive medical cover that is renewable based on performance. This means that inpatient medical bill is paid up by NHIF but determined by terms and conditions of service for various cadres of employees (Job group limits)

In- patient care services offered to KAFU students in session upon referral by a clinician arepaid up by their parents or guardian. Cash payments can be avoided only if the student enroll/ register with NHIF as contributors ora parent / guardian enroll them as beneficiaries.

The University health care system is mainly funded by the government. This has played a major role towards achieving the vision, mission and set objectives for the department.

It’s important to note that KAFU health staffs have continued working together and supporting each other as a team towards achieving the departmental goals. This culture has ensured professional coordination and accountability in all sections in the department (Records, Clinical, Nursing, laboratory and Pharmacy).

All of our health care services offered are strictly CONFIDENTIAL


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