University Management

(a) Subject to the provisions of the Charter, the Senate shall be the academic authority of the university and shall have control and general direction of research, instruction, examinations, and the award of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other academic qualifications.
 The Current University Senate members 
  1. Prof. Peter N. Mwita, Ag. Vice Chancellor
  2. Prof. J. Kipkemboi, Ag. DVC (A&SA)
  3. Prof. M. M. Amadalo, Ag. DVC (F&D)
  4. Prof. Benson  Ojwang, Dir. Research Innovation and Outreach.
  5. Dr. Jane  Amunga, Senior Academic Registrar (Academic Affairs),.
  6. Dr. B. R. Shiundu, Dir. Directorate of Graduate Studies.
  7. Dr. Fozia Nurwin, Director, QAMS/Coordinator, Marketing
  8. Dr. Peter Nyongesa, Director, .Performance Contracting
  9. Dr. Caroline Mulinya Director, International Relations and Academic Linkages
  10. Dr. Samuel Maragia, Dean SESS
  11. Prof. Kelvin Omieno, Dean, SCIT
  12. Dr. George Opande, Dean, SOSCI
  13. Dr. Denis Ouma, Dean, SOBE
  14. Dr. E. Okenwa-Vincent, Dean, School of Health Sciences
  15. Dr. Metrine Sulungai, Associate Dean, SESS
  16. Dr. Samuel Apima - CoD, Mathematics and Statistics
  17. Dr. Constance Amusala, CoD, EFPM
  18. Dr. Felix Saouma, CoD, Physical Science
  19. Dr. Annette Busula, CoD, Biological and Agricultural Sciences
  20. Dr. Joseph Otsyulah, CoD, BAMS
  21. Dr. Tom Mong’are, CoD, Social Sciences
  22. Dr. Aggrey Amugune, CoD, CAI
  23. CoD, Economics
  24. Dr. Nixon Sangili, CoD, Languages and Literature
  25. Dr. Samuel Munda, In-Charge PSSP
  26. Dr. Margaret Atieno, CoD, Accounts and Finance
  27. Ms. Anne  Asiko, CoD, Nursing
  28. Mr. C. Mabonga, CoD, Clinical Medicine and Community Health.
  29. Dr. Victor  Shikuku, University College Timetable and Examinations Coordinator.
  30. Dr. Loice Njeri, Coordinator, Risk Management.
  31. Dr. Patrick Agesa, Deputy Registrar (Admin)
  32. Ms. Ronoh Lilian, In-Charge, ODeL
  33. Ms. Linet Mayavi, Legal Officer
  34. Ms. Irine Lumatete, Finance Officer
  35. Mr. Ayub Shirandula, Coordinator, Information and Technology/In-charge, DICTS
  36. Mr. Ronoh Hillan, Coordinator, Computer Science
  37. Dr. Jophine S. Namwetako, Ag. Dean of Students 
  38. Ms. Caroline Shikuku, Senior Assistant Librarian
  39. Dr. Walter  K'Odipo, UASU Representative
  40. Mr. Robert Oriedo, Shopsteward, KUDHEIHA 
  41. Mr. Seth Lugonzo, KUSU Representative
  42. Mr. Jairus M. Wandabwa, KAFUSA Chair.
  43. Mr. Peter O. Onyango, KAFUSA Sec Gen.
  44. Mr. Douglas Sang, In-Charge Admissions/Secretariat
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