Dean of Students


Dr. Jophine S. Namwetako
Ag.Dean of Students.

Message from the Dean of Students

The Dean of Students Office is comprised of the following departments: student governance, accommodation, catering, games and sports, clubs and societies, security, medical services, counseling, financial aids, and Chaplaincy.

All students are well catered for in terms of governance. All matters affecting their welfare are governed by the Students Regulation and Rules as provided in the Student Handbook. All students have the right to use and enjoy the privileges and facilities of the University only if they are bona fide students and adhere to the rules and regulations governing their conduct and discipline. The method of election of officers of the Students’ Association is done as per the students Constitution. The elected Congress members elect the Students Executive Council and thereafter elect the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker from amongst themselves.

The Dean of Students champions for the best conduct of students within and as far as is applicable, outside the University precincts.

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