caurtesy call VC Gov

In a significant step towards fostering collaboration and community development, the senior management team of Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU) paid a courtesy call to the Governor of Vihiga County, HE Dr. Wilbur Ottichillo, on the 11th of March, 2024. Led by the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mwita, the delegation included the acting Deputy Vice Chancellors for Finance and Development (FD) and Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Prof. Amadalo and Prof. Kipkemboi respectfully, Director Linkages, Dr. Mulinya, and Marketing Officer, Dr. Fozia.

The meeting, held in the Governor's offices, was marked by discussions on several crucial issues aimed at strengthening the ties between KAFU and Vihiga County Government (VCG). One of the primary topics of discussion was the Kaimosi Complex link road. This infrastructure is vital for the transportation needs within the Kaimosi area. The collaboration between KAFU and the Vihiga County Government in addressing concerns related to the link road demonstrates a commitment to enhancing accessibility and connectivity in the region. The deliberations also included the establishment and potential collaboration on the Climate Center. This highlights the shared interest in addressing climate-related challenges and conducting research to contribute to sustainable solutions. The partnership in this area signifies a joint commitment to environmental stewardship and the pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of society.

A significant aspect of the discussions was also the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between KAFU and the Vihiga County Government. The MOU serves as a formal agreement outlining the terms and conditions of collaboration, fostering a framework for joint initiatives that benefit both the academic institution and the local government. This reflects a strategic alignment of interests and a shared vision for the development of the community.

The courtesy call signifies the commitment of KAFU to engage with the local government and contribute to the holistic development of the community. By addressing crucial issues such as transportation infrastructure, climate research, and formalizing agreements through the MOU, the partnership aims to create a lasting impact on the academic institution, the county, and its residents. This collaborative spirit exemplifies the role that educational institutions can play in addressing community needs and fostering sustainable development.


KAFU acting Vice Chancellor with the Governor Vhiga County
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