KAFU Engages with Students at Vihiga County Career Fair

Vihiga Career day

Kaimosi Friends University (KAFU) participated in the Vihiga County Career Fair at Kidundu Stadium on Saturday, March 4. The event attracted form four leavers and students from 95 secondary schools who had the opportunity to interact with representatives from KAFU on career options and mentorship.

KAFU Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi, was one of the speakers at the event and encouraged students to explore the various career paths available through the university. He highlighted that KAFU had positioned itself as a center of excellence, offering quality, on-demand programs in the Schools of Health Sciences, Science, Business and Economics, Computing and Information Technology, and Education and Social Sciences.

Dr. Nurwin Fozia, the University Marketing Officer, delivered an insightful presentation on career planning and development while Mr. Douglas Sang, the Enrolment Officer, outlined and answered questions on the qualification requirements for various programs offered by the university.

The career fair presented KAFU with an excellent opportunity to publicize its programs and recruit potential students from across the country. The university remains committed to providing quality education and helping students achieve their career goals.

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