Message from the Chair

Every public institution is required to submit a quarterly report to the Commission within fourteen (14) calendar days following the end of each quarter as per the templates provided in the annexures. Reports are submitted via e-mail : in PDF format. A report submitted beyond the due date attracts a penalty of up to 15% of the total quarterly score. However, this is restricted to fifteen calendar days after the deadline, beyond which the report will not be admissible. All reports must be submitted in the Commission’s provided templates. Any report submitted other than in the format provided is deemed non-compliant. The Commission then provides feedback on the reports submitted not later than 30 days following the end of a quarter.
In the event a public institution submits a nil report on complaints handled directly, the Commission will rely on other parameters and/or conduct an audit to verify the correctness of the contents of the report and make a determination. The Commission then issues a compliance certificate at the end of the financial year to a public institution that has fully met the requirements in the provided Framework.
As members of Kaimosi Friends University College Public Complaints Committee, we are committed to ensure that the vision, mission and core values of the P.C.C are achieved.

 About the Public Complains Committee

The Public Complaints Committee (P.C.C) in KAFU was formed on 19th December, 2017 to help receive and give solutions to complaints that are raised by our internal and external clients and stakeholders with regard to the institution and its operations.

The current members are:

  1. Dr. Amos Otieno Wanjara- chairperson
  2. Ms. Everlyne Bahati – Secretariat
  3. Ms. Linet Mayavi - Member
  4. Ms. Dinah Majani - Member

In accordance with the policies of the Commission on Administrative Justice(Office of the Ombudsman), in every financial year, all public intuitions are given a reporting Framework on Resolution of Public Complaints Indicator under Performance Contracting in Kenya.

The reporting framework comes with the targets upon which the institution is evaluated in four quarters.

The quarters are:

  • Quarter 1: 1st July of every year to 30th September of every year(deadline for reporting is on 14th October of every year)
  • Quarter 2: 1st October of every year to 31st December of every year (deadline for reporting is on 14th January of every year)
  • Quarter 3: 1st January of every year to 31st March of every year(deadline for reporting is on 14th April of every year)
  • Quarter 4: 1st April of every year to 30th June of every year (deadline for reporting is on 14th July of every year)

An institution that upholds administrative justice and access to information.

To enforce administrative justice and access to information in the institution through complaints resolution and public education for efficient and effective service delivery.

 Core Values

  • Responsiveness
  • Independence
  • Fairness
  • Transparency
  • Integrity 
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