KAFU Seeks Collaboration with Lokus Energy for Innovative Waste-to-Energy Project in Income Generation Bid

KAFU Seeks Collaboration with Lokus Energy

Kaimosi Friends University is actively considering a promising venture with UK-based Lokus Energy, focusing on a collaborative waste-to-energy project. The University is set to appoint members, including its legal counsel into the planning committee as part of commitment into the potentially income generating initiative.

This public-private partnership (PPP) project, nearing the final stages of documentation, hinges on KAFU's provision of 70 acres of land. This land allocation is pivotal for the establishment of diverse components essential for the 95M USD project's infrastructure. Encompassing the industrial-scale plant, a landfill, a technical garage, a training institute, and a buffer zone, this zero emission biofuel technology facility aims to process 400 metric tonnes of assorted waste and biomass from Vihiga and Nandi counties, yielding an array of energy products, including biodiesel, hydrogen, syngas, and solid by-products.

A team of the project facilitators on Thursday 9th May, 2024, met the Acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Peter Mwita, alongside Senior Research Fellow Dr. John Ayisi; the Director of Research, Innovation and Outreach, and acting Deputy Vice Chancellor of Academics and Student Affairs Prof. Benson Ojwang'; and the VC’s personal assistant Dr. Nurwin Fozia, who also serves as the Director of Quality Assurance and Management System for talks on moving the project forward. The facilitators were led Dr. Geoffrey Abung’ana, who was accompanied by Dr. Evans Kiganda and Dr. Billy Nyonje (who is also the chairperson of the Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry – Vihiga Chapter).

The VC said the University would study the land agreement in consultation with the Ministry of Education and would also appoint its legal counsel to the committee planning for the project to help move things forward. The 95M USD project involves Lokus Energy and its local facilitators on one side, the County Governments of Vihiga and Nandi, KAFU and CPF Financial Services as the special purpose vehicle implementing it.

Dr. Abung’ana said much of the approvals had been secured and that the documents were under review.

With reducing Government capitation, KAFU is keen on incoming generating investments to propel its growth ambitions. The project is also expected to boost KAFU’s quest to establish a center of excellence in climate change action in collaboration with the County Government of Vihiga. It is also touted to create at least 1200 jobs at full capacity, with 400 of these permanent and pensionable, pushing the neighbouring community into a University and industrial tow

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