KAFU Prioritizes Quality in Faculty for ISO Certification

KAFU Prioritizes Quality in Faculty for ISO Certification

Kaimosi Friends University's Management is placing a strong emphasis on the quality of education delivered by its dynamic faculty, which includes more than 130 part-time lecturers onboarded this week. This strategic move aims to further the institution's core academic and research objectives. During an induction meeting, the acting Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ogodo, M.J. Nandi, emphasized the university's commitment to upholding quality standards, aligning with its vision of becoming a Center of Excellence in Teaching, Innovation, and Holistic Development.

This development is particularly significant as Kaimosi Friends University has recently earned approval for ISO 9001:2015 certification, a prestigious recognition of its commitment to quality and excellence. Prof. Nandi urged all lecturers to adhere to the university's quality statement, reinforcing the institution's dedication to maintaining exceptional educational standards.

Dr. Jane Imbunya, the Director of the Quality Assurance and Management System, echoed this sentiment, stressing that there is no tolerance for pedagogical failures or delays in delivering educational content to students. The directorate has implemented a system that utilizes student quality champions to ensure the effective implementation of quality pedagogy.

To further integrate new lecturers into the University's ethos, the Deans of Schools will be responsible for orienting them in the university's preferred methods and practices.

The induction event was attended by esteemed individuals, including the acting Deputy Vice Chancellor for Student and Academic Affairs, Prof. Julius Kipkemboi, the DVC Finance and Development, Prof. Maurice Amadalo, the Registrar of Academic Affairs, Dr. Jane Amunga, and full-time members of the KAFU faculty.


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