Directorate of International & Academic Linkages


Dr. Caroline Mulinya

Director International Relations & Academic Linkages

Senior Lecturer

The Directorate of International relations and academic Linkages is mandated to create, promote Partnerships and Collaborations. The main objective is to promote Academic linkages, Partnerships and Collaborations with like- minded Research  and Higher Learning institutions for purposes of advancing mutual interests, shared goals, ideas and information, which is achieved through increased bilateral and multilateral agreements/ Memorandum of Understandings (MOUs) tailored towards working together to achieve the sustainable development goals(SDGs) and also geared towards the promotion of  Kenya’s Big 4Agenda.

The directorate will achieve this objective through initiation of activities within and outside the university. These activities include:

  • Engaging and assessing of potential areas for collaboration with like-minded institutions.
  • Initiating framework for partnerships and collaborations.
  • Building capacity for procedures of engagement in partnerships, Linkages and collaborations.
  • Initiating Multi-disciplinary and transactional linkages among institutions.

The Kaimosi Friends University College (KAFUCO), Directorate of International Relations and Academic Linkages is in the process of establishing several MOUs and Collaborations with Institutions of higher learning, Research institutions, and NGOs . They include the following:

International & National Institutions

  1. Salisbury university USA
  1. Diversity Educational Institute( DEI)- USA
  2. Ball State University USA
  3. Radford University USA


  1. Vihiga County
  2. Kisumu County
  3. Kenya  Marine and Fisheries Institute (KEMFRI).

Community welfare Initiatives

  1. Mentorship programmes

The Directorate is putting in the necessary arrangements in ensuring that the interested institutions, organizations are brought on board trough actualizing the MOUs and Collaborations.

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