Prof. Julius Kipkemboi.

Ag. Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics & Student Affairs)
PhD (Wageningen), Msc.(IHE-Delft), Bsc (Egerton)
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Prof. Julius Kipkemboi is an Associate Professor and Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs at Kaimosi Friends University. Prior to this he served as the Deputy Principal Academic and Student Affairs. He holds a BSc in Botany/Zoology from Egerton University, Kenya, a Master of Science in Environmental Science and Technology from IHE Delft, The Netherlands and Ph.D. in Environmental Resources from UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education/Wageningen University, The Netherlands. He has also served in various teaching and administrative positions at Egerton University. Currently serving as a member of the National Scientific and Ethics Committee at the National Commission for Science, Technology and Innovation in Kenya (NACOSTI). He is also the representative for Kenya at the UNESCO Executive Board. Prof. Kipkemboi has been involved in several local and international collaborative and multidisciplinary research projects. Currently, he is in climate change and transformative pathways research. He has won scholarships and grants such as NFP fellowships, Marie curie individual fellowship programme and International Foundation for Science grant. He has supervised and examined several undergraduate and postgraduate students and has contributed to global scientific knowledge platform through scientific publications. Apart from contributing to community activities such as Ecosystem rehabilitation and Science and Engineering fair for high schools in Rift valley among other activities, he is also a member of Eastern Africa Water Association, Society of Wetland Scientists, Bioethics Society of Kenya and Red-Cross Society of Kenya


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  2. Lukhabi D. K; Muia A. W., and Kipkemboi, J. 2022. Investigating the efficiency of Vertical Sub-Surface Flow Constructed Wetlands in the Reduction of Faecal ndicator Bacteria and Organic matter Under Varied Sizes of Gravel Substrate Aggregates. Pan Africa Science Journal. DOI: 10.47787/pasj.v1i02.15\
  3. Hes, E.M.A, Yatoi, R., Laisser, S.K., Feyissa, A.K., Irvine, K., Kipkemboi, J., van Dam, A.A. 2021. The effect of seasonal flooding and livelihood activities on retention of nitrogen and phosphorus in Cyperus papyrus wetlands, the role of aboveground biomass. Hydrobiologia, 848, 4135-415.
  4. Kosgei, J. Nasongo, S. , Kipkemboi, J. and Owuor-Okeyo, J, 2021. Land and Water Resources Planning and Management Options in Floodplain Wetlands in Nyando Basin, Kenya. Journal of Environmental Protection, 12, 1144-1160. doi: 10.4236/jep.2021.1212067.
  5. Khasisi D. Lukhabi K.D, Wairimu, M.A.& Kipkemboi,  J. 2021. Assessment of performance of wastewater stabilization ponds using faecal indicator bacteria reduction efficiency in a tropical environment.  Afr.J.Bio.Sc. 3(2), 16-26.
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