Mr. Paul M. Wanderi.

Mr. Paul M. Wanderi.
Council Member.

Mr. Wanderi is an independent assessor for Sustainable Development Goals for governments and intergovernmental bodies in Africa. He has also worked as a Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Head of Programmes at Kenya Land Alliance (KLA). He is a highly skilled, result-driven professional in leadership and strategic management with diverse experience with in depth knowledge and unparalleled skills in executive management and leadership. 

Key focal areas of experience include Project Capacity Assessment, Civic Education, Training and Development, Capacity Building, Conflict Resolution, Human Rights, NGOs and Civil Society, Community Projects Design and Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Politics and Policy Advocacy, Devolution Governance, Partnership and Relationships building.

He values transparency, accountability, justice, good governance and adherence to the rule of law. He has worked hard to assist the community to realize their potential in providing services that improve the social economic status in pursuit of sustainable development and a just and equitable society regardless of gender, race, nationality, religious or any other inclination.

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